North Yorkshire Centre

Following on from the success of last years Italian night we will be holding another event to raise funds for the for the North Yorkshire Centre celebration Rally at Thorpe Perrow in 2006. This year the food theme will be the increasingly popular “Curry”. But don’t panic if curries & spices are not your thing. To enable you to support the event and as long as you let us know in advance (at time of booking please) we will be happy to provide something more appealing for you.

Jean & Bernard D'Ambrosio would like to thank everyone for their cards and kind wishes following Jean's recent illness and spell in hospital. Jean is now feeling a lot better. Your care and concern was very much appreciated by the whole family.

What a good start to the rallying season. As usual the weather was a little dodgy on the Friday night. Plenty of rain, wind and puddles to manoeuvre through to site the van, but isn’t that what caravanning is all about. Legs down, gossip to catch up on and the usual consumption of crisps, coffee and the occasional snifter of alcohol. Saturday saw the day start with the Young Caravanners selling an array of hand made crafts on their stall. They braved the poor weather and made a substantial amount of money for their funds. It was good to see them out in unison, well done. Of course their efforts were rewarded as ever by the generosity of you the caravanners.

As we ventured into Thirsk Michael and I were a little concerned to see our two lady rally officers (one the chairman’s wife and the other the regional treasurer’s wife) acting in a very suspicious manner whilst attempting to manoeuvre Tesco trollies (that they had permission to use!!) across a very busy road. Needless to say they had trollies with square wheels and managed to stop the traffic with their exploits. We were led to believe that this was the grub for the social. Just as well or Ken and Edward will be having ham and crisp sandwiches for some months to come.

Of course in true caravan style a number of ralliers (not myself of course!!) could be found strategically placed around ye olde market town peering through hostelry windows in an attempt to find a warm drink!!! and some good food. Saturday evening saw the assault on Sowerby village Hall of a number of warmly cladded persons all brandishing carrier bags full of pop. I think those lemonade bottles were clearly filled with other beverages but I am reliably informed that the majority of ralliers do not partake very frequently of the falling down water.

Fun and games ranged from sedate dances to Edward insisting that certain members of the committee participated in some rather unusual exhibitions of dancing!! I am still not too sure that the Caribbean Calypso had all of the participants dancing the same steps at the same time. It didn’t help in my case that I was watching somebody totally different to the person my partner was watching and so we were doing two completely different dances. Still we have got plenty of time for you to get Sandra and I up to speed for the Grosvenor Edward!! Well I have to say although it was cold and very windy on Sunday the first rally for 2005 was a resounding success. A very big thank you to the four Muskateers Edward, Barbara, Ken and Margaret for a most enjoyable rally. I take it the 2006 Rally Proforma is in post Edward??

Bolton Abbey

This is the first time that North Yorkshire have run a rally at Bolton Abbey and we have Dave, Carol and James Wooler and Bernard and Jean D’Ambrosio to thank for this very successful rally. They were of course very ably assisted by the mother in law Dorothy, who I am led to believe parked her broom stick in the adjacent car park. If you have not been to Bolton Abbey or the surrounding area we strongly recommend this rally to you for the 2006 season. The area is stunning and there is lots to keep young and old entertained. The rally started on the Friday night with a very warm welcome and a few glasses of Carol and Dorothy’s home made warmed punch. It was great to see so many North Yorkshire members brave the bad weather of last week and make the effort. The rally was also well attended by numerous visitors.

Saturday saw the day dawn with one of Dave and Carol’s famous walks, with a guided tour of local spots for those who had not ventured into the area before. A number of others including myself and the family ventured into Skipton. Although the weather was very unpredictable Skipton has lots to offer on Saturday and has a really good market with plenty of stalls to mooch around. Skipton boasts a really nice canal to walk along and it has an amazing amount of cake shops that are filled with lots of traditional Yorkshire goodies. Saturday night was really good. Dave and Carol organised a 70’s disco in the village hall, which is at the end of the car park adjoining the rally field. All members were encouraged to dress in seventies gear and all music was of that era. Another resounding success as a number of people braved the cold and came out in some rather dodgy and unusual outfits.

The competition for the best dressed person was deservedly won by the punk rocker, who still had black eyes and green hair at coffee on Sunday morning. A version of the Generation game saw a number of respectable men have their faces painted by teenagers, again I’m a little unsure why they hadn’t taken their make up off prior to coffee on Sunday morning.

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